We are fans here at Everton News – hell why else would we want to write about Everton but we have to get our news somewhere. We used to end up turning to the site that you probably found this post on NewsNow, but we thought there must be a better way of getting all the latest aggregated news on our mobiles.

None that we found really did the trick so we did what any other sane person would do…learned how to code an iPhone app from scratch and build and release the news app that we wanted.

The Everton News App was born

We added all of the sources we could find for Everton news including fan sites, major sports websites as well as local and national press. We have even recently added a video section where you can keep up to date with the likes of Toffee TV or the official Everton videos.

So where do you download this app you ask? Well click the link below and you will be well on your way.

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Dan, the owner of this site, has supported Everton all of his life and has been attending games for the past 20 years on and off. A season ticket holder for many of the attending years, Dan has seen the ups and downs of Everton from Kendall, Walker, Royle, Smith, Moyes and now Martinez.


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