Everton striker Romelu Lukaku has said he will move to a ‘big’ club in the future. His comments after the Chelsea defeat may have been out of frustration but nevertheless he has now said it and it’s in every newspaper.

This will no doubt cause anger among Everton supporters and the club itself who have brought Lukaku in for a ginormous fee last summer.

Lukaku celebrates keeping Everton in the F.A Cup in the 1-1 draw with West Ham.


Also his performances have not been good enough this seseason. He has 10 goals in all competitions, his touch is poor and his movement is awful and this not good enough for a striker worth £28 million!

It is also suspicious that he would tell the media this now just as reports of his good friend Mirallas is also ending his Everton career. Maybe he is following his foot steps.

In my opinion, his comments were unnecessary and worrying in the eyes of all Evertonians. Hopefully he will come out and speak to the media and put things into order. If not then we will need to find a replacement quickly.

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