Roberto Martinez has signed up for Men Utd to raise awareness of the dangers of prostate cancer.

Prof Martinez (as he will now be known) dropped his usual sharp suit and brown shoes combo for a lab coat for a behind the scenes tour of The Christie Hospital in Manchester. There he learned more about the disease that kills one man every hour from Noel Clarke, Professor of Urological Oncology.

He said: “It’s been fascinating just to find out a little bit more about such a big problem like prostate cancer. I met Professor Noel Clarke who gave an insight into some of the work that’s been going on in terms of research, and trying to get that personalised treatment for patients.

“It was incredible to see so many new techniques and the equipment in the labs here and the very latest research you can find in the world. But on the other side you realise the long road that is left to go through and the amount of support that we need from every angle.

“Through the LMA we are very close with Prostate Cancer UK and their Men United campaign and we want to develop more awareness of prostate cancer, something that affects everyone in the community.

“After today I realise that research is vital to see people’s lives saved and the way that we can help men, every single one of them, [to fight] the disease that is affecting the population in huge numbers.”

He added: “From our point of view at Everton, we always take a lot of pride in our relationship with the issues that affect the community.

“I think the football community in general can extend a real clear message of being aware of prostate cancer and checking that situation to avoid further problems. As a football club Everton will always be supporting these campaigns and projects.”

Deputy Director of Research, Dr Matt Hobbs said: “It was fantastic to welcome Everton manager Roberto Martinez to Men United as part of our continued efforts to make football fans more aware of their risk of prostate cancer.

“One man dies every hour from this disease, and I know Roberto was genuinely shocked to see some of the statistics about it. We hope that, with his help, we can get this message to a difficult-to-reach audience that desperately needs to hear it so that men across the country know their risk and go and speak to their GP if they are worried about prostate cancer.

“As you can see in the short film we produced, Roberto saw first hand some of the research that we hope will radically change how we diagnose and treat prostate cancer to improve the lives of men.

“The idea behind Men United is that everyone who believes men are worth fighting for will join us, and Roberto, and help us to make the breakthroughs that men urgently need.

“We are thankful to all our supporters across the sporting landscape from grassroots to the Premier League and we thank the League Managers Association, Everton Football Club and Roberto Martinez for signing up and making a difference. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Prostate Cancer UK are an Official Charity Partner of the LMA and through the partnership the LMA membership have been encouraged to get behind the Men United campaign including wearing the Man of Men pin badge on match days and play their part in supporting and promoting a range of exciting ventures.

The charity has also featured prominently in LMA communications as well as the LMA quarterly magazine publication, ‘The Manager’.

This summer Prostate Cancer UK is asking Men United to get active and fundraise. People are being urged to search Men United, and do something great with their mates via


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