As the half time whistle of the Poland vs Czech Republic sounded and the BBC cameras cut back to the studio that hosted Gary Lineker, Clarence Seedorf, Alan Shearer and our very own David Moyes, there was one elephant in the room that Gary was just itching to address.

Gary opened the exchange by stating that many fans of both Tottenham and Everton had besieged him on Twitter asking him to ask the question. He simply asked ‘Has there been any contact from Tottenham?’, the immediate answer was no. David then went into a long speech about Everton having been great for him and you never really know what the future brings. Uh oh. The Liverpool fan I was watching the game with was made up ‘well that doesn’t sound great does it?’ he joked, ‘no concrete I’m staying there’. And he was right, until a couple of minutes later. Further prompted by Lineker after having his ego massaged by Shearer Moyes stated ‘I’m loyal, and I’ll continue to be loyal to Everton as long as they want me there’. Boom. There is was, that was all the confirmation that I needed (and the red next to me, now not so smug) that David Moyes, unless he is told otherwise will be at Everton next season, and potentially further.

Now, time to get some players.

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Dan, the owner of this site, has supported Everton all of his life and has been attending games for the past 20 years on and off. A season ticket holder for many of the attending years, Dan has seen the ups and downs of Everton from Kendall, Walker, Royle, Smith, Moyes and now Martinez.


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