OK so David Moyes today decided that he will not be renewing his contract with Everton for his 12th year and will instead join Manchester United to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson. This is not going to be a full post about who will come, should have have stayed etc its just a ‘brain fart’ of my thoughts on the situation:

  1. David Moyes has served us very well in the 11 years at the club, although taking over from Walter Smith even Mark Hughes could have come out of it looking good.
  2. Please no Mark Hughes, just no.
  3. Everton (currently) have a strong squad that when fully fit can beat any team (except Arsenal and Liverpool away).
  4. The base of the team still has years in them – only Distin really is over age but showing no signs of needing to retire just yet.
  5. We were all expecting to lose either one of or both Baines and Fellaini this summer anyway so there will be no shocks when Man Utd sign both.
  6. 5 (above) will give the new manager a war chest to start with, and space in the team to make the team his own.
  7. There are plenty of young, attacking minded managers that would (should) jump at the chance of joining Everton (Martinez, Lennon, Laudrup).
  8. The next manager might have a ‘plan B’ when ‘plan A’ doesn’t work.
  9. Despite all the good work and manager of the month and year awards Moyes never won anything.
  10. 11 years is a long time in anyones books, but in modern football its about 6 lifetimes. This year has been our most attacking and attractive football season at times but a new man about the place could kick some of the cobwebs off some players.

I could go on but I feel I would end up going in circles. So to conclude; am I happy that Moyes has gone? No…but now that decision has been made it’s time to move on, and quickly. If/when Fellaini and Baines leave for pastures Red let’s just hope we get at least £50m for the two and that at least 75% of that will go to the new manager to allow him to get on with his job of putting their stamp on our already impressive team.

At the end of the day this is Everton, we are Evertonians. People come and go but the club will always remain.

Come On You Blues!

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Dan, the owner of this site, has supported Everton all of his life and has been attending games for the past 20 years on and off. A season ticket holder for many of the attending years, Dan has seen the ups and downs of Everton from Kendall, Walker, Royle, Smith, Moyes and now Martinez.


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