Watching England play against Sweden the other night, with Ashley Young on the left wing was painful at best. Young has turned in some decent performances for Man Utd this year, and scored a few goals for England but I don’t understand the hype. He swaggers around with the bravado of Christiano Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney yet has only a small percentage of their skill. Playing on the left wing is not his first choice but as yet another right footer on the left wing for England far too often his first instinct is to cut back inside to change foot.

So what’s my solution? The Spurs way. Play one of your excellent attacking left backs (and England have two of the best) on the left wing. Ashley Cole has left back cemented and is very assured in the way he is playing at the moment so why not play Leighton Baines on the left wing? Leighton has a tireless work ethic, will both attack and defend with equal quality and had a wicked cross. The only issue I see with it is that he may get a taste for it and want to stay there when he gets back. But seriously, food for thought or complete nonsense?

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