I am a little late in getting around to this match review as I wanted to give myself time to reflect on the result and the events in the match. So just for starters here are a few bullet points of what I saw in the game.

  • That was only our second defeat in 8 seasons home and away vs. City.
  • Romelu┬áLukaku looks like a world beater up-front – for 45 minutes.
  • Kevin Mirallas is really struggling to continue his impressive form from last season.
  • Phil Jagielka seems to be struggling in this Martinez team/style.
  • Jon Moss – well let’s just say that this was not his best game, and be as kind as we can to him.
  • Naismith is now looking like a decent squad player but shouldn’t be starting in games like this.

Now to elaborate on some of the above points whilst also discussing the match as a whole. By now we all know that the score was Man City 3 – 1 Everton, and in a lot of ways the scoreline reflects the dominance than Man City had on the game for long periods. What it does not tell us however is how the game panned out and how things could have been much different.

Jon Moss

Let’s start with maybe the biggest influence on the game of football with a man that never touched the ball. The Makem referee failed to give two penalties to the Blues, which whilst they looked slightly soft were stick ons compared the one he did award to City. The referee also failed to see around five yellow card offences for David Silva (he received one eventually). One can only begin to imagine how different the game would have been had some of these decisions gone our way, but it just seems to be the way away at the ‘big clubs’ these days.

Romelu Lukaku

The on loan Chelsea striker maintained his 100% league scoring record with a well taken goal, after embarrassing defending by City on 15 minutes. This was really as good as it got for Rom. Limited service, along with Ross Barkley being made ineffectual by tight marking led to him having a poor second half of the game, eventually leading to him being replaced by Kone towards the end of the match.

Lukaku has not missed any football in the lead up to his move to the Blues so there should be not fitness issues (although the whole team could be accused of fitness issues), so we wonder what is going on? Perhaps until we get to the bottom of it, there may be better options such as playing another striker in the first half and bring Rom on when the defenders are more tired?

Naismith & Mirallas

Two players enjoying contrasting starts to the season, with Mirallas largely disappointing and Naismith, whilst he’s never going to be a regular starter, enjoying his best run of games for Everton. I am sure it’s just gong to be a matter of time for Super Kev to start firing on all cylinders again (perhaps once Pienaar is back in the team), but let’s all hope that it’s sooner rather than later.

Steven Naismith has in the past few games shown his James Milner type qualities. He’s one of them players that no fan can understand why they get a game but manager after manager picks them. The simple reason is they use their limited skill as much as they can and they bleed for the team. If Naismith can improve his passing accuracy then he will be a really good squad player for us. Much like Milner is for the City All Stars, rarely starts however is important whilst on the pitch.


Before the game I thought this was a winnable game that City would also score in, it turns out I was right but the Luck Gods thought otherwise. Different calls on three penalty calls and an un-debatable red card for David Silva and the result could have been reversed. It was however not to be and we move on to the massively winnable game against Hull City a week on Saturday after the (yet another) international break.

Come On You Blues!


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Dan, the owner of this site, has supported Everton all of his life and has been attending games for the past 20 years on and off. A season ticket holder for many of the attending years, Dan has seen the ups and downs of Everton from Kendall, Walker, Royle, Smith, Moyes and now Martinez.


  1. whilst I agree with the references to the penalty decisions the rest of your comments are off the mark. City were a diffrent class and are a different class than Everton. The best team on the day wonn.

    I thought Everton looked better team under Martinez rather than the shut up shop tactics of your previous manager.

    • and in a lot of ways the scoreline reflects the dominance than Man City had on the game for long periods

      I agree that City showed a different level, and I did in the article but it does not excuse the other incidents.

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