Pickford – 5
Probably his worst game for us, very poor distribution. Almost entitled to one poor game given hoe good he has been though.

Kenny – 6
Gets a 6 because he set up the goal, would have gotten a 5 otherwise. Seemed to spend more time moaning about movement ahead of him than actually playing the game.

Holgate – 2
Very very poor. I have always thought that Marcus would be a good central defender, I am now starting to change my opinion. His aerial ability is shocking, and he never seems to know whether to go touch tight or drop off. Dominated by Arnoutavic throughout and lost him for the first goal.

Zouma – 4
Only slightly better than Holgate, looked shaky all day. Hopefully a solid defender coming in will improve whoever plays with them. Zouma and Holgate together is scary.

Lucas Digne – 7
Bright going forward and has a sweet delivery on him, exposed a lot due to a lack of support on his side. Misses Richarlison (don’t we all).

Gueye – 2
Atrocious. Gave the ball away constantly, hit air shots. Passed when he should have shot, shot when he should have passed. The worst game in Blue he’s had, by a country mile.

Schneiderlin – 5
I actually thought he was unfortunate to be given the hook instead of Gueye, perhaps the fact that Morgan was putting in too many risky challenges swung the pendulum. Dealing with personal issue too. Not great but by far not the worst.

Walcott – 6
Gets a 6 due to the fact that he never gave up, kept showing and kept trying. West Ham doubled up on our right knowing it was our only point of attack in the first half and Theo struggled. Rightly subbed.

Sigurdsson – 6
Has never fully lived up to his hype since joining Everton, although he’s been in a poor performing team all round. Took his goal well by all accounts (my son needed the toilet at that moment). Did ok without ever running the game, as with all his Everton games so far.

DCL – 5
DCL IS NOT A WINGER. That being said when moved up front didn’t do any better. DCL is young and hungry however had a very poor game.

Tosun – 4
Missing chances that only strikers who are massively out of form miss. One header and one shot in particular in the first half should have been goals. Needs taking out of the spotlight, Richarlison up front anyone?


Bernard, 8 – looked excellent when he came on.
Niasse, 2 – how are we still having to play Niasse up front after spending £200m+?
Lookman, 2 – Had 10 mins, 1 touch, walked around the pitch. Should have sold him

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