Bear with me, I have no idea what came over me but this morning I got an urge to write a poem. I think I have been reading too much Dr Seuus to my son. Enjoy, or don’t whichever 😉

It’s Derby-Day Eve and all the Kopites are scared,
Scared that all their complaints about small ships are not heard,
Talks of dog walking, bodies and world heritage status,
Yet the Kopites, they continue to state they don’t hate us.

An architect came down to drink with us Blues,
Promising a stadium that would surely make national news,
Stating Bramley-Moore the best site that he’s seen,
Will hold a stadium that will make Kopites green.

But enough about Kopites this is about Blues,
We Blues need a win at Anfield in the boos,
A win that has been much sought after from that shower,
Since Jeffers and Campbell combined with much power.

A win would take us within 3 of our neighbours,
Then on to Old Trafford to continue our labour.
A win at Old Trafford, we’re in the driving seat,
To accomplish a rather magnificent feat.

But first it is Anfield and let’s not forget,
It’s been 18 years since we last made a threat.
But onwards and upwards, Boys let’s go have some,
Our Name is Everton, Nil Satis Nisi Optimum!


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