In light of the recent press coverage of Chelsea’s pursuit of John Stones I thought I would put together a translation sheet for how to read the rumour mill.

Our sources = we made it up

Sources close to the player = we made it up

[Website/paper name] sources = we made it up

We understand = we made it up

[Website/paper name] understands = we made it up

The player wants to move [without direct quote] = we made it up

Reported to have bid = we don’t know if they have or not

Have had a bid rejected [without confirmation] = they probably haven’t bid

The deal has been done pending the clubs agreeing a fee = that’s kind of meant to be the first thing surely?

[Manager name] is confident of getting his man [without direct quote] = we made it up

I think you get the picture.

In other news, our sources, close to Lionel Messi suggest that a move to the Blues is a possibility, subject to the two clubs agreeing a fee.

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